Acquire a Plastic Component Manufacturer

At MBS, we talk to injection molders and other component makers all day every day. If there is one recurring theme in our discussions, it is this: organic growth as a molder or custom manufacturer is extremely difficult.

Finding new customers or entering new markets is the goal of most molders and processors, but this is easier said than done. The solution for many companies: growth through acquisition.

If you are interested in acquiring an injection molding company or other plastics processing business, we can help. Whether it is the custom molder down the road, a precision machining company on the West Coast, a blow molder in another part of the country or a struggling owner’s book of business, our plastic molding industry knowledge and comprehensive database of plastics processors allow us to perform searches tailored to your criteria.

The majority of our M&A advisory work is done on the sell-side; however, MBS typically works on a handful of buy-side engagements each year.

Our buy-side M&A proposals usually have four phases: search, solicitation, analysis and negotiation. We have the flexibility to be as involved or absent from any of these four phases as you wish.

Contact us or call us at 413.584.2899 and we will discuss how we can help you implement an acquisition plan.